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TM1 Snare Drum


  • Quick Rim – change both drum heads in seconds
  • Absolutely even, super fast rotational tuning on both heads
  • Incredibly loud and responsive at any pitch
  • Double throw off system for three quick snare tension options
  • The only seamless aluminum free floating shell in the world
  • Memorize your tension position with a marker on top head for instant recall of sounds
  • Release counterclockwise after playing to avoid head fatigue
  • Built with care using the best stainless hardware free from loosening

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TM1 Snare Drum Description

These snare drums provide absolutely even, super fast rotational tuning on both heads, while retaining volume and responsiveness at any pitch!

It takes more than fifteen minutes to properly tune a normal snare drum… Imagine doing the same task, perfectly, in seconds! That is what makes this drums absolutely revolutionary!

Gone are the days of wasting time, agonizing over tightening countless screws just to get that even tone. That time should be used to play! Join us in our mission here at Firchie Drums to provide the best, easiest, and fastest tuning drum to everyone out there who want to spend more time doing what they love… Playing!

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